What they saw in the 1910’s

Yet again, I’ve been glancing through Jeff Delaney’s book, Newport Beach.  Check out the photos below!

Hotel del Mar Ferry Landing, c. 1911

The harbor entrance and the east end of the peninsula are seen in this photograph.  The pole near the top right marks the approximate corner of Granada and M Streets.

View of Newport Bay from Palisades Tavern, c. 1915

Moonlight on Newport Bay from Palisades Tavern.  In 1915, George E. Hart traded 400 of the 700 acres he had purchased from the Irvine Ranch to the F.D. Cornell Company.  The new owners remodeled the Hotel del Mar and reopened it under the name Balboa Palisades Tavern.  The Cornell Company attempted to change the name of the Corona del Mar section to Balboa Palisades, but the new name never took hold.

Typical Scene of Newpot Bay, Balboa, c. 1915

This is a tranquil view of boating on the bay, with Balboa Island in the distance.  Note the theatre (left of center) and the white arch in front of it.

Newport Bay, at Balboa, c. 1913

Although Corona del Mar had been subdivided in 1904, few houses had been built by the time this photograph was taken almost a decade later.

Looking down the coast from Balboa, c. 1915

Almost a century of development would offer a far different view from this vantage point today.
All information and photos are from the book Newport Beach, by Jeff Delaney.  His website is www.newportbeachpostcards.com.  Want to view more of Newport Beach’s past history and photos?  Browse my “Local History” section.

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