A look back at Newport Beach

I was browsing through the book Vanishing Orange County by Chris Ipting, and found several interesting old photos from the past, before Orange County and Newport Beach were very developed.  In fact, the majority of land in Orange County seemed to be undeveloped and rural around the 1950’s–a complete contrast to the bustling residences and cities we have now.  The following are all photos and descriptions taken from Vanishing Orange County. Enjoy taking a look at the past!

"Pagoda" house at the entrance to Newport Harbor

This 1944 postcard is captioned, “sheltered bathing beach and famous ‘Pagoda’ house, entrance to Newport Harbor, California.”  Also called the ‘China House,’ this structure stood near the mouth of the harbor for decades.

The Newport Pier

The Newport Per is one of two piers located within the city of Newport Beach, California, at the western end of the Balboa Peninsula.  It is 1,032 feet long and registered as California Historical Landmark No. 794.  This postcard reads: “The ocean pier at Newport Beach, Southern California’s most popular fishing pier–48.”

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