Avoiding Common Title Delays

When you are in escrow, there are a few items that require added processing time and clearance in escrow and title.

Avoid delays by being as upfront and informational as possible, as soon as possible. Make sure your escrow and title companies know about any of the following potential  obstacles to the property in question:

  • Bankruptciescaltitle
  • Probates
  • Foreclosures
  • Establishing Fact of Death — Joint Tenancy
  • Use of, Proper Execution of Power of Attorney
  • Family Trust
  • Business Trust
  • Recent Construction
  • Physical Inspection Findings (encroachments, off-record easements, etc)
  • Clearing Liens, Judgments
  • Clearing Child/Spousal Support Liens
  • Proper Execution of Documents
  • Proper Jurats, Notary Seals
  • Transfers/Loans Involving Corporations/Partnerships
  • Last Minute Changes in Buyers or Sellers

Any questions on this? I recommend calling Cam Hunter, at California Title Company, at (949) 795-7795, or going online at www.caltitle.com/cam

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