Bathing Beauties in Balboa

More from Jeff Delaney’s book, Newport Beach–this time with postcards from the beauty parade Balboa used to hold in the early 1900’s.

Bathing beauties

Bathing Beauties on Main Street, c. 1924

Bathing beauty contests were part of day-long festivities arranged by the chamber of commerce and Madame LaRue Osgood to attract visitors to Balboa.  Madame Osgood had to import girls for the annual beauty contest because local girls “would never be seen in those costumes.”

Crowds at beauty parade

Crowds at the Bathing Beauties Parade, c. 1924

The bathing beauties became one of Balboa’s most popular attractions, bringing as many as 25,000 visitors to the village.

This pictures and details are entirely from Jeff Delaney’s book, Newport Beach.

To see more pictures and read more history on the Newport Beach area, please browse my “Local History” section!

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