Be Safe When Selling Your Home!

Do you know what to do to be safe when your home’s on the market?


When you’re a home seller, yes–you’re selling your home. But you also need to keep you and your family safe. Here’s some solid safety advice from the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS:

Keep your personal info safe:

  • Hide bills, invoices, mail, credit card and bank statements, and anything with identifying information like your Social Security Number
  • Anything with family names on it or photos should be put away
  • Lock your medications away

Protect yourself from liability

  • Are all the walkways, driveways and hallways free from trip hazards?
  • Secure your pets; don’t let them just wander around the house or yard
  • Do everything you can to make sure the agents and prospective buyers are not in danger

Hide your belongings to protect yourself against breakage or theft

  • Jewelry and other valuables
  • Electronics
  • Your wallet or purse: money, checks and credit cards
  • Keys to your home and vehicles
  • Rare, antique, or treasured decor, art and furniture
  • Any firearms and knives (including that kitchen knife block!) should be locked away to insure both safety and security

Be cautious of strangers

  • Don’t let anyone in without an appointment (some sellers even choose to refuse entry to those showing up overly late or early to their appointments)
  • All appointments should be, for extra safety, be scheduled in advance with your agent, their office, or the agent representing the potential buyer
  • If your intuition is wary, call your Realtor or authorities immediately!


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