Be Successful: 4 Tips to Finding Your Purpose for 2015

You can’t be successful without knowing your purpose

  1. successGet your breathing to go low and quiet. Nothing can be done well from a state of tension.
  2. Look for tracks that lead to your purpose. When did you last feel deep joy, serenity and contentment in your body? That’s the track: joy in the body. How long ago was that? Then find another time and another one.
  3. Where in your life have you scheduled things that bring you joy? What can you do in the near future? It can be doing those same activities again, or any one of those, or trying something completely new–but it has to give you that same sense of joy.
  4. Trust that this is more important for your future than an extra couple hours of work. Because if you follow joy, it will bring you to more joy.

(Martha Beck. “The Success: 25 Takeaways from 2014’s Most Influential Leaders in Personal Growth and Achievement”. Success. Jan. 2015: 55. Print.)

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