Coastal Commission to Hold Hearing on AERIE Project Dock

The California Coastal Commission will hold a hearing at its Thursday meeting to consider plans to replace a dock as part of the AERIE condominium complex, according to the agency’s online agenda.

The plans call for demolishing an existing four-slip dock structure, as well as to more than double the gangway to 44 feet and construct a dock that could accommodate two 40-foot-long boats, two 45-foot-long boats, two 55-foot-long boats as well as a 120-foot long tie dock and a 50-foot long temporary visitor guest dock.

The Coastal Commission staff report included in the online agenda recommends approval of a new dock with conditions, including revising plans to avoid displacing eelgrass.

“The major issues associated with the proposed development are impacts to biological resources, specifically, eelgrass and soft bottom habitat and construction and post construction impacts upon water quality,” the staff report states.

Eelgrass is protected, according to the staff report, and eelgrass surveys are generally required when projects disturb the bottom of a waterway.

“The Commission considers eelgrass an important coastal resource and finds that any development proposed within the Newport Bay must be undertaken in such a manner to avoid impacts that would significantly degrade the biological productivity and quality of these coastal waters,” the staff report said.

The new dock is part of the AERIE condominium project, which the Coastal Commission approved in June 2011 and which soon will begin construction. The project will replace a 14-unit apartment building with a seven-unit complex. Construction could take 30 months; read more about the project here.

The Coastal Commission meeting will take place in Santa Monica and will be streamed live on the Coastal Commission website.

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