HarborTown Histories: Newport Beach

A HarborTown History: Newport Beach

A HarborTown History Newport BeachHarborTown Histories is a series of unique stories on some of the most interesting California coastal towns by Gayle Baker, lauded historian and adventurer.

And our very own Newport Beach itself is featured in one of her books!

It’s hard to imagine the Orange County area of Newport Beach as just a swampy harbor and a lonely beach, but over time the area developed and the population grew as people realized just how wonderful it is to live on the warm southern California coastline. Gayle’s book covers the history and the growth of Newport Beach in unique stories.

If you love history and our area, check out her Newport Beach book, one in her HarborTown History series. It’s available on Kindle, Nook and more electronic options, as well as at Barnes and Noble. Check out more about her book and where you can read it on her website: harbortownhistories.com/books/newport-beach

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