Home prices in November 2013

When you look at the statistics from November 2013, you can see that home prices increased slightly. Home prices drop

According to SFGate (and CoreLogic, whom they cited), prices went up 0.1% during this month. This increase is less than both October’s and August’s gains–but overall from year-to-year, prices have risen 11.8% from 2012. However, we need to remember that cold weather (as well as the start of school) generally slows the real estate market anyway.

“But overall, 2013 represented the best year for housing since the financial crisis. Once December’s figures are released, home prices will likely have risen 11.5 percent last year, according to Mark Fleming, CoreLogic’s chief economist. That would be the biggest gain since 2005…”

“Most economists expect sales and prices to keep rising this year, but at a slower pace. They forecast sales and prices will likely rise around 5 percent, down from double-digit gains in 2013…” (SFGate.com, “US home prices tick up 0.1 percent in November”)

Read the San Francisco Gate’s article on the subject here: “US home prices tick up 0.1 percent in November”.

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