How to Make a Better First Impression

When making a house an attractive proposition to potential buyers when the time comes to sell, it is essential to never underestimate the importance of creating a good first impression. Many prospective purchasers have an instant reaction when they first see a house, so insure it has curb appeal.

This is a lot easier than it seems, as there are many little ways the exterior of the property can be improved to create the great first impression needed for buyers to want to explore the property further.

Here are a few tips to give some ideas:

home improvements and curb appealKeep up with the painting

 Nothing looks worse than a house with peeling paintwork or rotten-looking patches. It is important to keep up with painting maintenance, so the house looks fresh and attractive. Letting wood or plasterwork deteriorate simply means it will be much more expensive to put right. A little regular maintenance will ensure that everything looks at its best when potential buyers arrive to view the property.

 Think symmetrical

 The great poet William Blake, writing about the tiger, summed it up by saying

 What immortal hand or eye

Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

 He was observing the beauty of symmetry and though a tiger may not be the best animal to have outside the house there is no reason not to use symmetry to create entrances that are welcoming and pleasing to the eye. Consider sidelights either side of the door, urns strategically placed with some shrubs or flowers and door hardware that draws the eye and helps guide visitors safely to the entrance.

 Do not ignore the garden

 Untidy planter beds can be instantly off-putting, so it’s important that they are restored, especially if the weather has been unkind. Cut back old growth, plant new flowers and shrubs, remove weeds and, where necessary, restore stone or brick borders that may be damaged. If the damage cannot be repaired easily it is worth upgrading them, perhaps with a decorative edging system or with some attractive stone.

 Invest in window boxes

 Staying on the garden theme, window ledges can be made into a riot of color with imaginatively planted window boxes. Choices might include wooden boxes to exude that cottagey feel or iron or copper to give a sense of tradition. Trailing plants are always a good idea for window boxes as they cascade down and look both colorful and beautiful.

 Look into shutters

 Many more homes now use shutters both to increase their curb appeal and also as versatile and appealing additions to the way the house looks and how they can be used. Plantation shutters make highly attractive window coverings and because they come in a very wide range of materials they can suit any type of property. Apart from looking stylish they can also control ventilation and light and give added security when closed, especially if the house is empty for a period, such as a vacation.

What did you do to make your home listing-ready? Comment below with your ideas for improving homes’ curb appeal:


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