Install a bathroom exhaust fan

Bathroom exhaust fans make air smell (much!) sweeter, paint last longer, and mold grow slower — or not at all. If you don’t have one, you’re missing out. House Logic has a great article on exhaust fans–why they help and how to install them:

How Can a Bathroom Exhaust Fan Help?

exhaust fanA bathroom exhaust fan is a small, ceiling- or wall-mounted fan that pulls air from the bathroom, sends it through venting (4-inch is preferable), and deposits it outside.

This helps you and your home by:

  • Improving indoor air quality, especially by removing bathroom smells.
  • Removing shower and bath humidity.
  • De-fogging mirrors.
  • Thwarting mold growth.
  • Preventing door and window warp.
  • Slowing fixture rust.
  • Retarding paint blister and wallpaper peel.
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