Living in Newport Beach: Bay Island

Bay Island, in Newport Beach, Ca

Bay Island, Newport Beach, CA

Bay Island residents enjoy a lifestyle unlike any other on the Newport Harbor. A sprawling botanical garden is the centerpiece of this exquisitely maintained island oasis with only 23 private bay front residences completely surrounded by sandy beaches. Uniquely “car-free,” residents park in a private parking structure just off the island before walking or golf-carting over to the island. Each home has a private dock with beautiful views. Because Bay Island is structured as a co-op, all Bay Island owners share in the amenities of a tennis court, the huge interior garden, a caretaker, and the off-island parking garage.

Interestingly, Bay Island is the only natural island in Newport Harbor, as all others are man-made. Originally the island was used as a gun club which began in 1903, but was developed into the now beautiful and sequestered residential island.

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