Living in Newport Beach: Balboa’s Banana Stands

Balboa’s Banana Stands

Dad's bananas

dad's frozen bananaOur local banana stands Dad’s Donuts and Sugar and Spice on Balboa Island both bring to mind Arrested Development‘s Bluth family’s banana stand. Now that it’s summertime, having a frozen banana or a Balboa bar sounds like a good trip back to childhood memories of eating dripping ice cream on a stick.

While both stands claim to have invented the original chocolate-covered frozen banana, according to a Smithsonian article the true original banana stand, “The Original Frozen Banana”, was opened up by Don Phillips in 1940. The original was located on Balboa Peninsula next to the Balboa ferry.

While I only have pictures of Dad’s, Sugar and Spice seems to be equally popular with residents and visitors — have you tried either ice cream shop? Which do you recommend?

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