Living in Newport Beach: Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove State Beach

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One of my favorite locations in the Orange County is Crystal Cove. It seems to be an almost hidden gem in our community to outside visitors. Most of the time when I’m there the beach is quiet, peaceful, and not packed with people (which, as much as I like Corona del Mar State Beach, in the summer the sand near the water is always covered with loungers on towels, sun umbrellas, and people having a fun time). There’s much to do here; check out my previous post on this beach here.

 There’s a depth of history there, as well; many films have been shot on location there, the beach cottages have been there for 80+ years from its times as a seaside colony, cattle grazed in the hills here, Native Americans have history here, and a Japanese community was located in this area. All reasons why, after buying the area from the Irvine Company, the state of California put Crystal Cove on the National Register of Historical Places.

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If you haven’t been to Crystal Cove before, I suggest you check it out — then let me know what you think of it!

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