Living in Newport Beach: Pirate’s Cove

Pirate’s Cove, Corona del Mar State Beach

Pirate's Cove, Corona del Mar State Beach, Newport Harbor

Pirate’s Cove (a mini beach on the harbor side of the Corona del Mar State Beach) is a sheltered beach surrounded by rocky cliffs, within the mouth of the Newport Harbor. The area is also known as Rocky Point.

It’s a popular location for rock climbers–they’ll typically be at least a couple scaling the walls on any given weekend day. The sandstone rocks above the beach provide a fun pastime to children scampering about, as do the little caves at beach level. At high tide, the water covers most of the beach. On Sundays, you might see church services held on the sand of Pirate’s Cove and even see baptisms performed in the waters of the harbor.

Pirate’s Cove also has its claim to cinematic fame since several Hollywood productions have been filmed here, including Gidget and Gilligan’s Island.

Smuggler's Cave - Pirate's Cove, Corona del Mar state beach

Smuggler’s Cave near Balboa Beach, c. 1908.

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