Living in Newport Beach: the Hotly Debated Fire Rings

Fire rings in Newport Beach and Corona del Mar

If you’ve been paying attention to the fire rings debate that has been ongoing for the past couple of years here at the Newport Beach and Corona del Mar beaches, then you might have heard that there is now a recent decision on the topic.

According to the Daily Pilot, the California Coastal Commission has approved the City of Newport Beach’s fire ring plan to reconfigure the 64 fire rings along the coastline, evenly split between wood-burning and charcoal-only.

CdM Beach (2)

“The commission voted 9 to 1 to authorize the city’s permanent plan, which includes 16 wood- and 16 charcoal-burning rings in the Balboa Pier area and eight wood-burning rings at the Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina…The city also plans to place 16 wood and eight charcoal rings at Corona del Mar State Beach” (Daily Pilot. “Coastal Commission approves Newport’s fire ring plan”.,0,5819981.story).

One of the reasons for the split between wood and charcoal is because the Coastal Commission said “that it did not approve of the change because charcoal is more expensive than wood and might deter people from using the rings. One of the agency’s charges is to maintain low-cost activities on the coastline.”

“The city is trying to balance keeping fire rings as a low-cost recreational activity under the mandates of the California Coastal Act and to comply with the AQMD’s rule that the rings be spaced far enough apart that they don’t affect air quality.”

Interested in reading more on this update? The Daily Pilot’s article on the decision is available here: “Coastal Commission approves Newport’s fire ring plan”.

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