Finally — it’s Newport Beach Film Festival time!

The Newport Beach Film Festival kicks off its week of unique films on April 28th, and continues until May 5th.  Both studio and independent films are shown and discussed during the festival, showcasing an extensive array of movies and documentaries from around the world.  The festival is a great opportunity for the average film-goer to meet filmmakers. There are directors, screenwriters, and cinematographers all eager to share their work and answer questions about it in the Q&A sessions.

I’ve been to the festival many times, and each time I walk away having seen incredible films and having had a great time–You should definitely check it out this year!

The Orange County Film Society presents a terrific opportunity to preview films before they are released to the public; it’s great that there is something like this right in our own backyard!  The Society is a wonderful way for residents in the area to go and enjoy an easy night out, at a low price.  Not only are you able to attend the preview screenings that the Society puts on when you join, you are also given eight tickets to the Newport Beach Film Festival–yet another enjoyable local activity each year! I highly encourage you to look into becoming a member so that you too can enjoy some outstanding films.

Find out more information and how you can attend by going to

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