Newport Beach’s Neighborhoods and Waterways

Newport Beach’s Neighborhoods and Waterways

As gorgeous a place as Newport Beach is, it’s more than just a popular tourist location that beach-goers flock to during the summer months.  With Newport’s sandy beaches and sequestered islands, meandering waterways within the bay, and lavish waterfront properties and yacht clubs, it is also the admired location for those who call Newport home.

Perhaps to the surprise of some, Newport Beach has a significant amount of history.  Inhabited by the Tongva and Juaneño/Luiseño American-Indian nations for ages, this area was ventured into by the Franciscan fathers of the San Juan Capistrano Mission in the late 1770’s, and was established as an American state in 1850. When Captain Samuel S. Dunnells on his steamer Vaquero entered the harbor in 1870, he founded “Newport Landing”–which consisted solely of a warehouse and wharf. Later on that same decade, the McFadden brothers, James and Robert, played a vital role in the appearance of Newport Bay; they dredged much of the marsh land that existed in the Bay previously and filled sections with sand, creating several of the man-made islands in the area, as well as Balboa Peninsula.  Afterwards, Newport Beach began to become a popular tourist location.  Further history of Newport Beach can be found on and on the Newport Beach Public Library’s website.

Part of the pleasure of visiting or living in Newport Beach is the accessibility of its waterways.  You can easily rent a small Duffy boat or kayak (Paddle Power has some great rates on kayaks!) and explore the bay with its many islands and passages.  But be sure to pack along a map of the bay and important locations, such as docks to tie up to, bathrooms, and fuel stations.  The City of Newport Beach has published a boating guide, with those important features, it can be accessed here.

Interested in browsing waterfront properties for sale?  Several properties in the Newport Beach area are currently listed on the MLS property search.  You can look at the current listings here, and find oceanfront, bay front, and other properties with a view of the water.

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