Newport Harbor Boating Guide

Stuffed full of local knowledge of the various routes and locations to boat to, as well as useful information regarding docking, maps, where to fill up for fuel, and pump-out stations, the Complete Cruising Guide to Newport Harbor is your local informational boating source.  When taking a boating tour, be sure to take this year’s guide along with you!

There are 10 public piers that you are allowed to stop and tie up at, even if there are people fishing off the piers.  The Balboa Island pier (right next to where the ferry comes and goes) and the pier right across the way (at the Balboa Fun Zone area) both have access to public bathrooms, and are easily located on the map within.

Eight ‘dock and dine’ restaurants line the water, and are clearly marked on the map as well.  A local favorite is the Cannery Restaurant — downstairs is the more formal dining area, but upstairs they have a bar and serve sushi.  You can always stop there for a quick drink if you want.

Be sure to peruse the Newport Harbor cruising guide (which you can access here) before going out on your boat.  Even if you’re familiar with Newport Harbor, you may discover a local vendor, restaurant, or waterway you were previously unacquainted with!

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