Pay Kiosks at Big Corona and Balboa Pier Lots

CdM beach 2It looks like the Newport Beach City Council has approved off-street parking meters at both the Corona del Mar beach and the Balboa parking lot, as of Tuesday. I’m sure that soon there will be pay kiosks at both of these parking lots; the “city officials have said they hoped to have them installed by Memorial Day.” (Corona del Mar Today article, see below)

The parking fees still remain at $15 per day, with the parking cost hiking up to $25 on holidays; the city council hopes that by having the kiosk, the city will garner revenue during the winter months when typically parking is free because it’s not staffed during that time of the year. 

What do you think about this new parking fee change? Is it good or bad for our city?

Read my resource for the facts above, from Corona del Mar Today’s article here: Pay Kiosks at Big Corona, Balboa Pier Lots Move Forward With Council Vote

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