Pay Kiosks Could be Installed at Big Corona Beach

Pay kiosks could be implemented in the Corona del Mar State Beach parking lot by Memorial Day. The City of Newport Beach has filed an application to do so with the Coastal Commission.

Corona del Mar beachAccording to Corona del Mar Today, “the City of Newport Beach has filed two applications with the California Coastal Commission, seeking approval for digital pay stations and signs at the parking lots at Big Corona State Beach and at the Balboa Pier…

“…In February, the Council voted to spend $215,000 for 12 pay stations at Big Corona and 11 stations at the Balboa Pier. The total cost, including signs and counting loops to track vehicles, would be $440,000. The kiosks have been ordered, and city officials originally hoped to have them installed by Memorial Day…

“…In April, city staff sent a letter to the Coastal Commission staff, stating that the city’s plans to add automatic pay stations do not require a coastal development permit; read our story here

“…The Coastal Commission’s August agenda has not yet been posted online, and it is not clear when the application will be considered.”

Read Corona del Mar Today’s article here: City Files Coastal Applications For Pay Kiosks at Big Corona, Balboa Pier Lots

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