Put the “Great” in Your Great Room

Just because you have a big room to decorate, it doesn’t give you the go-ahead to dump a bunch of stuff in there without purpose.

Interior designer and staging expert Deborah Muccillo of Laguna Beach-based Interiors Within Reach regularly contributes to the Laguna Beach Homes blog to provide readers with do-it-yourself decorating ideas.

Here are her latest tips on decorating a great room from her recent Emerald Bay home project.

“Granted this home is beautiful…but many of us in Orange County own homes with large great rooms! So, how many of you have decorated your large, great room by placing all of the furniture around the perimeter of the space?

And with all of the furniture placed on the walls….the middle of the space is…EMPTY!

It’s always best for the traffic flow of the space to create walking paths around the outside of the conversation areas. When you allot this space as “traffic flow,” you can then create functional conversation areas that will promote “conversations” in the smaller space remaining….what a concept!

Just pretend the room is smaller than it is using those new imaginary walls to place your furniture on.

Place your sofa or chairs on the “imaginary walls” with your end tables. Place your coffee table in the correct location so that it sits about 15” to 18” from the edges of your sofa and/or your chairs. You will have ample space for traffic flow around the coffee table.

Note: By placing your upholstered pieces only 15” to 18” away from the coffee table, you’ll promote conversation as the conversation will be heard.

Notice this room has several points of entry from the outside perimeter’s traffic flow space into the conversation area. This design invites your family or guests to enter the conversation area and be a part of the activities. Add your accessories, accent pillows, lamps, and artwork, etc. You’re done!

While this room is decorated in a contemporary style, the rules are the same for any style.

Remember form is one thing…but without function, it matters not!

This article is from the OC Register.

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