Ride-along with the Newport Beach police

Renee West rides along with the Newport Beach police department

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I had the opportunity to ride along with one of the Newport Beach police officers this past week — what an experience! I purchased the ride-along certificate at a charity event earlier this year, and was so glad that I had; my ride along was a spectacular experience. I rode along with Officer Guy beginning in the early evening last Thursday.

As I sat inside the police car, Officer Guy showed and explained to me all of the technology inside the vehicle and the purpose for each item. There are computers and monitors, a video camera, search lights, and much, much more. The time I spent with the officer gave me insight into a typical day as a police officer. Officer Guy, the policeman I rode with, was on the clock working — not just giving me a “tour” — and brought me into everything he did. When we stopped, he let me know when it was okay to get out of the car; he regaled me with stories and information in the law enforcement; he gave me advice on what to do in sticky situations we could have gotten into that night.

After spending so much time one-on-one with the policeman, I was able to see the personable side of the police department. My ride-along experience lasted the majority of the night (until midnight!) — but it was so interesting that I was alert the whole time. We rode throughout the city of Newport Beach, from the tip of the Balboa Peninsula through Newport Heights, down to Crystal Cove — driving through so many of the neighborhoods that I’m familiar with and have worked in. Nighttime in the city is so different from daytime.

Officer Guy and I were in the roaming car for the evening; we covered a great deal of Newport Beach. I felt like I was a police woman protecting the city along with Officer Guy! He shared and explained all that was happening as each event occurred; I was part of the team. Officer Guy made sure that I was safe the entire time. Marvelous experience.

The police department’s mission statement sets forth admirable goals (that are needed for the protection of our community):

The Newport Beach Police Department is committed to providing our Community with the highest quality police services possible to maintain the quality of life that is cherished by those who reside, work and visit here.

And that’s exactly what I saw exhibited; it’s good to know that our beach-side community is in safe hands! I have a great deal of respect and admiration for the work that goes into protecting the city by the police of Newport Beach while they are driving the city streets.

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