Searching for a Home has Become Much More In Depth

No longer an on-foot search, home shopping is now extensive and mainly done online

HomeInspection-largeYou thought that the information you received from your real estate agent, Zillow, Trulia and other real estate sites was pretty thorough — but in this Internet age, you can go even more in depth.

Christopher Dillon of the Financial Times has written a new series on the many ways to find out more about potential homes — you’ll be surprised at how much information can be found on a prospective neighborhood and house (or even on your house!).

Check out the article for the thorough report of virtual places to sleuth around for a house, but here’s a summary on some of the most interesting websites to find house and location details:

  • The Economist Intelligence Unit (at gives an annual liveability index that takes into consideration such things as: culture, access to education, stability, and more.
  • Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles ( gives maps with information on demographics, transportation, crime, etc in 35 districts.
  • Transparency International ( provides citizens’ thoughts on individual areas’ corruption.
  • The US Drug Enforcement Agency ( posts a registry on America’s thousands of dwellings that have been documented as methamphetamine labs.
  • And so many more resources online

Although you can find out much information about a home just from an Internet search, don’t neglect the simple fact that your real estate agent, a title company, and simply walking around the neighborhood and talking to neighbors provides much valuable, hands-on information!

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