Selling your home during the holidays

There is always the question of whether or not you should take your home off the market during the winter months or if you should stick with it and try to snag a buyer while there are less homes in competition with you.  Generally speaking home buying takes a break during the holidays, but if you are one of the many sellers that need – or just plain want – to sell, here are a few tips to help you still have a festive holiday season, but keep your home in “selling” shape.

Decorate, but don’t go crazy

Having your home decorated during the holidays is a great way to show it off.  Homes often are in their finest glory during these times.  Keep in mind, however, that you still need to show buyers the key selling points – your home won’t look like this forever.  So don’t overdo it, make sure that they can still see your hardwood floors, that your fireplace still stands out, how large your living room is, and so on.  Decorate, but don’t cover up the reasons they should buy your home.

Take new photos

After you decorate have your agent post additional photos of your home online, notice we say additional.  Probably still good to keep your summer or fall photos online as well so buyers can see how the home looks in both seasons.  Remember that having photos online is a good way to give buyers a tour without having them in the home, especially if the weather is bad near you.  This is a virtual open house and you wnat to give them the best online view that you can.

Prepare for showings

If you do get showings in the winter months, the buyers are probably pretty serious about getting a home.  So be prepared.  Clean up from the holiday party that you had the last night or last week.  Make sure all of your decorations are in order.  Crank up the heat, especially if you live in colder states – give the potential buyer of your home a reason to sit and stay awhile.  Of course if you have a stereo or music system, turn on some low holiday music, it always puts people in a good mood.  To top it off, you can always have some treats on display for them to snack while they talk about what to offer on your home!

Be realistic

Home buyers that are out looking to purchase a home during the holidays are going to be serious buyers, but they are also going to be looking for something that is priced well.  They likely aren’t going to give you full asking price for your home, they know as well as you should, that selling during the winter months is hard.  So be realistic in your expectations, take the advice of your agent and price the home aggressively.  This will not only help to get those buyers in the door, but also reduce the shock of the offers if or when they come in.

Finally, remember that it’s the holidays.  If you don’t get any showings or any offers from the showings you have know that spring is just around the corner and more buyers are going to be in the market.  Enjoy the season and know that the work you put into your home now will help keep your home sellable come spring.

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