Home improvement loans

FHA and Fannie Mae offer loans for home energy improvements. The FHA’s PowerSaver program allows those homeowners who are eligible to borrow up to $25,000 for “green” improvements, while Fannie Mae has an add-on program to mortgages specifically for energy-improvement. You can read all about these two loans at the Los Angeles Times.

New California Laws for 2011

New California Laws for 2011 The recent end of the 2009-10 legislative session has brought the end of short sale deficiency judgments for first loans, and other new laws affecting Realtors and their clients.  To view the full text of the following bills, go to www.leginfo.ca.gov. No Short Sale Deficiencies: Starting January 1, 2011, a …

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Audit Shows Prison Inmates Received $9M in Homebuyer Tax Credits

DSNews.com recently wrote a revealing and shocking article concerning prison inmates receiving homebuyer tax credits! Read a portion of it below: A breakdown in fraud controls allowed prison inmates to apply for and receive $9.1 million in homebuyer tax credits from the federal government, according to an audit conducted by the Treasury inspector general for …

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