Newport Beach earns high water-quality grades

Three areas move up to A-plus and one more reaches an A. City manager suggests street sweeping, sewer filtration among infrastructure that helped. Newport Beach and surrounding coastal communities this week received the kind of report card that would make any parent proud: nearly straight-A’s. From Newport Bay to Crystal Cove, area beaches not only …

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AERIE project update

The AERIE construction project in Corona del Mar has finally been approved by the California Coastal Commission, but isn’t slated to begin construction until the end of the year at the earliest.  Corona del Mar Today has an update on the approval and construction plans here and here.  Past posts on the AERIE project are …

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Newport Beach’s current market

Newport Beach’s real estate market information is from Newport Beach Independent’s Coastal Real Estate Guide.

Will the AERIE project be approved this time?

The AERIE project — denied Coastal Commission approval last spring — has been revised and reduced and will go back before the agency in March. The Coastal Commission’s agenda lists the project on the March 9 agenda for a meeting in Santa Cruz. No staff report has been posted. In a recent interview, owner Rick …

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