Homeownership affects your children

Not sure whether to buy or continue renting? Perhaps this infographic from the California Association of Realtors at CAR.org will influence your decision; according to them, owing a home benefits your family–in particular your children–in the following ways: Higher reading scores Higher math scores Higher rate of high school graduates Higher rate of college graduates

7 Questions for Aspiring Homeowners

Are you ready to buy your home? Homeownership is an exciting step in the lives of many Americans–but are you ready to make the decision now? Consider the questions below to figure out if you should buy or continue renting! Are you ready to become a homeowner? This infographic is from Market Leader

Social benefits of homeownership

How being a home owner benefits your life Owning a home is more than just making a financial investment — it’s also about investing in your family’s social benefits. The infographic below from CAR.org sums it up well; being a homeowner provides: Educational success — statistically children of homeowners have higher achievement in reading and …

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The Road to Homeownership

Thinking of buying a home but hesitant to start the process? While it’s an unknown road to begin for every first-time homeowner, it doesn’t have to be treacherous. Here’s a helpful guide to the home buying process, taking you on the journey in a short and simplified manner: Do pre-home search prep: figure out if …

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