Bathing Beauties in Balboa

More from Jeff Delaney’s book, Newport Beach–this time with postcards from the beauty parade Balboa used to hold in the early 1900’s. Bathing beauty contests were part of day-long festivities arranged by the chamber of commerce and Madame LaRue Osgood to attract visitors to Balboa.  Madame Osgood had to import girls for the annual beauty …

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View of Balboa – Postcard

Jeff Delaney has some great postcards on his website,  The historical pictures cover primarily the areas of Newport Beach, Corona del Mar, and Balboa. If you’re interested in learning and viewing more of Newport Beach’s history, please browse my “Local History” category.

Balboa and Newport Beach’s buildings in the past

Balboa’s main-street and Newport Beach both look so different now than it did in the past.  Jeff  Delaney had several pictures and descriptions of the area in his book, Newport Beach, which I found quite interesting to browse through.  These pictures are from the 1910s: In 1911, the Netherlands Apartments (middle left) were built in …

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Best Payback on Remodel

Most homeowners who are considering selling consider making a few home improvements, with the hope that those upgrades will attract both buyers and a better payback.  But what home improvements (such as a kitchen remodel, new front door, or wood floors) offer the best payback on investment when you are trying to sell? It really …

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