Tenancy in Partnership

Parties Only partners (any number(s)) Division Ownership interest is in relation to interest in partnership. Title Title is in the “partnership”. Possession Equal right of possession but only for partnership purposes, absent consent of other partners to the contrary. The partnership property belongs to the firm and not the individual partners.

John Wayne’s yacht gets historical protection

John Wayne’s beloved yacht, the Wild Goose, now has historical protection. The vessel, anchored in Newport Beach, is now among some 200 boats listed on the National Register of Historic Places. “While our focus has, and perhaps always will be, predominantly on buildings, the programs include a broad spectrum of property types, from archaeological sites …

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New California Laws for 2011

New California Laws for 2011 The recent end of the 2009-10 legislative session has brought the end of short sale deficiency judgments for first loans, and other new laws affecting Realtors and their clients.  To view the full text of the following bills, go to www.leginfo.ca.gov. No Short Sale Deficiencies: Starting January 1, 2011, a …

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What is an escrow?

What is an escrow? An escrow is an arrangement in which a disinterested third party, called an escrow holder, holds legal documents and funds on behalf of a buyer and seller, and distributes them according to the buyer’s and seller’s instructions. People buying and selling real estate often open an escrow for their protection and …

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