Tomatomania! Weekend at Roger’s Gardens

Tomatomania! weekend at Roger’s Gardens starts tomorrow, Friday the 8th, through Sunday the 10th, from 9am to 5pm. The world’s largest (and most fun) tomato seedling sale” comes to Roger’s Gardens. Have you ever grown a tomato called Vorlon? Green Doctors? Berkeley Tie Dye? You can this year!  Choose from an astonishing selection of over 150 varieties of heirloom and hybrid tomatoes, meet expert growers and find fertilizers, plant ties, stakes, and everything you need to have a perfect tomato season.

tomatoThe different events this weekend:

Your Guide to Perfect Home Grown Tomatoes with Scott Daigre

  • March 8 | 3pm-4
  • This is your one hour “tomato insurance” class!  Scott Daigre, owner/producer of Tomatomania!, offers this special Friday afternoon class to highlight the basic steps that will ensure a big harvest this summer.  You’ll get a thorough introduction to everything from watering and fertilizing strategies to the many different types of tomatoes you can choose to fill your garden plot. Growing in containers?  He’ll cover that too.  You’ll discover that growing America’s favorite garden fruit is easy, fun and the very best way to acquire healthy food for you and your family.

Great Homegrown Tomatoes with Steve Goto

  • March 9 | 9am-10
  • Join renowned horticulturist and professional tomato and vegetable grower, Steve Goto, for insider tips and tricks to cultivating perfect homegrown tomatoes. Steve is known throughout Southern California as perhaps the foremost expert on tomato varieties and home care and culture. This lecture will provide you with the necessary knowledge to grow delicious and beautiful tomatoes in your own garden, large or small.

Design It! Grow It! Tomatoes & Veggies for Spring & Summer with Stephen Baldonado

  • March 10 | 10am-11
  • Garden designer and Tomatomaniac, Stephen Baldonado, will explain how to prepare the warm season vegetable garden, and share his secrets of how to select, plant, grow and harvest the best veggies for our southern California gardens. Homegrown and fresh-picked vegetables are usually tastier and more nutritious than their store-bought counterparts. Having a sound strategy for growing vegetables can maximize the home garden’s yield and help reduce the grocery bill.

More details on Roger’s Gardens’ website.

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