Update on the AERIE Project

This morning I was browsing through Corona del Mar’s current news on CoronadelMarToday.com, and spied a relevant article by Amy Senk on the AERIE condominium project.

This project has been ongoing for seven years–the approval portion, at least.  The plan has gone through both the city council and the Coastal Commission, and both have delayed the project previously because of complaints.  Various people have protested the plan to tear down the existing building to build a new block on condominiums, while others approve the plan.  And because of letters by people who approval the project, it will once again go before the Coastal Commission June 15.  The meeting is open to the public.

Read the article by Corona del Mar Today: AERIE On June Coastal Agenda; Support Grows As Opposition Launches Letter-Writing Campaign.

Past article on the AERIE project: “Will the AERIE Project be Approved This Time?

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