Views of Balboa

I was looking through Jeff Delaney’s book, Newport Beach, and found some aerial and view pictures of Balboa and Newport and thought I’d share them with you:

Balboa, looking west, Bay Island in the distance, c. 1908.

In the 1890s, Edward J. Abbott brought soil from the mainland for planting these first trees on the peninsula.  The Abbotts planted palms, Monterey cypress, and eucalyptus trees.

The Inner Bay from Port Orange Heights, Balboa, c. 1907.

Port Orange, also known as McFadden’s Landing, was comprised of a dock and small warehouse, built by D.M. Dorman and Captain Dunnels.  In 1873, it was purchased by the McFaddens to support their burgeoning lumber company.

The inland passage, Balboa Beach, c. 1907.

The upper Newport Bay is an estuary, a place where fresh and saltwater meet and mix.  As one of the few remaining estuaries in Southern California, it is home to nearly 200 species of birds, including several endangered species.  During the winter, as many as 30,000 birds can be seen here on any given day.

Want to view more snapshots of the past in the Newport Beach area? Browse my blog section entitled “Local History.”

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