What’s Your Pooch Thinking?

Pet lovers have varying opinions on whether or not their animals can think for themselves other than their natural tendencies.  Rather than simply tossing around a handful of opinions, Newsweek went a step further and consulted an animal psychic to find out what pets are supposedly thinking.  Read Newsweek’s article below:

“As Spaniards respectfully pass on the calamari in honor of Paul the Octopus, who predicted the country’s World Cup win, people all over the world are becoming more curious and determined to figure out exactly what it is animals are thinking.

“Horses are the most gossipy,” says Lisa Greene, a pet psychic from Houston. “They’ll always tell me everything that’s going on in the barn. Snakes usually have a pretty bizarre sense of humor. And rodents like to spell for me.” Recently on the schedule: a reading for a whale.

With pet ownership at an all-time high, and spending on animals increasing steadily despite a recession, the progression from providing our family pets a comfortable goose-down feather bed to wanting to know what is going on in their little heads seems natural.

Although the American Pet Products Association keeps no data about animal psychics specifically…”

Want to read the rest of this article? Click here.

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