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Beach & Bay Properties – current listings and descriptions in some of the most exclusive Newport Beach communities in Orange County.
Back Bay

The Back Bay is the island delta of Newport Beach, connecting Upper Newport Bay with Newport Harbor. With hiking and biking trails, it is a nature reserve to several species of birds.

Balboa CovesBalboa Coves

Named for its five quaint coves, the community of Balboa Coves is located just off Pacific Coast Highway and adjacent to the Newport Beach Peninsula. Every home boasts water frontage and most have boat docks. Both charming cottages and large waterfront homes makeup the houses in this gated community.

Balboa Island

The Balboa Island community is joined to the mainland by a short two-lane bridge on the northeast of Balboa Island, and a privately-operated fleet of three ferryboats that provide access across the harbor to the Balboa Peninsula in the south. The iconic scenery and perennial vacation feel makes it a favorite of residents and visitors alike.
In 1908, William Collins began dredging the eastern part of the Newport Bay, and begin cutting a channel along the north side of the bay, piling the sand and silt up on a mud flat called “Snipe Island,” and thus Balboa Island was born.

Collins Island

With just eight homes, Collins Island is just off Balboa Island. All of the homes on the sequestered island have waterfront views and private docks, but are so close to Balboa Island that residents can easily take advantage of the bigger island’s amenities.

Balboa Beach on the Newport Beach PeninsulaBalboa Peninsula

The stretch of coastline from the mid-peninsula to the world-famous Wedge, two scenic piers and a small-yacht harbor, is what many people imagine when they think of life on the beach in Southern California. Beachfront homes line one side of the Peninsula, with homes with a harbor view line the other side.

Bay Island

Bay Island Newport BeachBay Island residents enjoy a lifestyle unlike any other on the harbor. A sprawling botanical garden is the centerpiece of this exquisitely maintained island oasis with only 23 private bay front residences completely surrounded by sandy beaches. Uniquely “car-free,” residents park in a private parking structure just off the island before walking or golf-carting over to the island. Each home has a private dock with beautiful views. Because Bay Island is structured as a co-op, all Bay Island owners share in the amenities of a tennis court, the huge interior garden, a caretaker, and the off-island parking garage.
Interestingly, Bay Island is the only natural island in Newport Harbor, as all others are man-made. Originally the island was used as a gun club which began in 1903, but was developed into the now beautiful and sequestered residential island.

Bayshores, Newport BeachBayshores

Enclosed in a bay front neighborhood, Bayshores is picturesque in its meandering streets, gorgeous gardens, private beaches, and architecturally inspired homes.

Harbor Island, Newport BeachHarbor Island

Harbor Island is Newport Harbor’s most desirable waterfront address. Broad lawns and spectacular water vistas are the perfect backdrop for gracious outdoor living and entertaining on the harbor. Residents enjoy its privacy while still being able to take advantage of the city’s amenities.
James McFadden created the island in 1896 by dredging the harbor and building the island from the bay up.

Lido IsleLido Isle

A man-made island (dredged and filled in 1896 by James McFadden, and completed in 1930) in the harbor of Newport Beach, Lido Isle boasts a bay-front view for nearly a third of the 850 homes built on the island.Lido Isle is near the beach, but a world apart. The island’s exclusive amenities include a yacht club, beaches, tennis courts, gardens and a private clubhouse overlooking the harbor.

Linda Isle Newport BeachLinda Isle

Surrounding a private lagoon, Linda Isle features a variety of stylish homes in Newport’s only guarded-gate community of all of the waterfront residences. Most of the houses on this island are custom-built, waterfront, and have private boat docks.

Promontory Bay

In a quiet corner on the harbor, the man-made Promontory Bay—bounded by Bayside Drive on the north, and by Harbor Island Drive on the west and south—features only 62 custom homes, all on the waterfront and all featuring their own docks.

More about Promontory Bay.

There’s also a website for the Bay, at:

Beacon Bay

With a waterfront view for most of the private homes on Beacon Bay, this island has many perks, including tennis courts, greenbelts, and a long stretch of beach with some of the best harbor views.

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