Mortgage Delinquencies Improve

According to an article by, and amount of mortgage borrowers who are delinquent in their payments has dropped to 6.19 percent (an amount they sourced to TransUnion).

This percentage is allotted to the end of the first quarter of 2011, and is down from the 6.41 percent at the end of last year.  The amount of delinquent mortgages has been steadily dropping for five consecutive quarters; an obvious improvement to the national delinquency rate.  This downward trend contradicts the expectation that as home prices declined further during the beginning of this year, the number of delinquencies would remain the same or drop slowly.  But instead, this quarter shows an abrupt drop of 3.4 percent from 2010’s fourth quarter, compared to the slight  0.5 percent drop between last year’s third and fourth quarters.

And what does this mean exactly?  Well, according to TransUnion’s housing market group vice president quoted in’s article, “‘Decreasing home prices can be risky because they exert upward pressure on mortgage delinquency rates…The fact that mortgage delinquency continues to decline despite this situation demonstrates that today’s borrowers are less risky.'”

All information and quotes are from  To read’s article on the topic, go to: “Mortgage Delinquencies Improve for Fifth Straight Quarter: TransUnion.”

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