Newport Beach Boat Parade Party on Balboa Island

Next year, don’t miss this parade, be a part of the Newport Beach Boat Parade festivities!

I had a wonderful time on Saturday night watching the 101st Newport Beach Boat Parade from my good friend, Donna DiBari’s bay front home on Balboa Island. Ever the hostess, she served a wonderful dinner and invited a delightful array of guests.

I parked at the Newport Beach Yacht Club (one of the perks of membership!) and walked across the bridge to access the island. Marine Avenue hosted a sea of people, all walking towards the south bayfront to enjoy the parade. On the corner of Park and Marine Ave., the firefighters at the Balboa Island Firehouse were passing out red fire hats to the children passing by. Everyone was in the spirit!

I walked along the south bayfront, admiring all the beautifully decorated homes. It seemed like almost everyone was hosting a party. I especially loved the snowman in the picture I posted above. That home actually won a decorating award too!

From Donna’s house, we could watch all of the boats pass by as well as everyone that had come to the island to watch the parade from the public boardwalk. There was a sea of people. The posted pictures show some of the boats that were my favorites this year. Paul and Shirley Gerst (my neighbors on the bay) decorated their boat with a beautiful Christmas tree and it was my favorite of over 80 boats!

Another highlight of the night was when a bagpiper came by and played a multitude of Christmas songs on his bagpipe. He was wonderful! Later, a group of about 8 young kids came in front of the house with their musical instruments and played many more songs. It was truly delightful.

In my opinion, the best place to see the parade is along the South Bayfront on Balboa Island. It is FREE to the public and everyone can partake in joining the Christmas spirit. I will be sure to post all of the details on my blog.

See you next year!

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