Newport Harbor improvements in the 1930’s

Jeff Delaney’s book Newport Beach had some brief history of the development of Newport Harbor:

In the “1930s, George Rogers, whose son had lost his life at the still treacherous harbor entrance, read of the New Deal’s National Recovery Act and set off for Washington, D.C., with city engineer Richard L. Patterson in tow.  The pair won the endorsement of the Army Corps of Engineers, and on January 24, 1935, the headline of the Balboa Times read, “Newport Harbor to be Yacht Harbor of the World!” The accompanying article spoke of a brilliant future for Newport, dazzling in its scope.  With the aid of Sen. Hiram Johnson and Sen. William McAdoo, Rogers and Patterson had secured $2 million for harbor improvements.  The same article optimistically predicted a future year-round population of 12,000 in Newport.

Today, [over] 80,000 residents proudly call Newport Beach home.  Tourists come from all over the world to enjoy our beaches and harbor…[many] people, places, and events [have] made Newport ‘the crown jewel of the Pacific coast.'” (pg. 8)

The Newport Beach pagoda standing at the entrance to Newport Bay. Photo from "Vanishing Orange County."

Read more of Newport Beach’s past here or here, or browse my blog’s section on “Local History.”  As a prestigious yacht harbor, Newport Beach is home to many yacht clubs, many of which you can view here.

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