Paint your home like a pro

Maybe those white walls are looking a little bland these days?

You can punch up your home by giving it some fresh paint – no need to hire an expensive painter. But, you need to pick colors that best suite the home and compliment each other at the same time.

Interior designer and staging expert Deborah Muccillo of Laguna Beach-based Interiors Within Reach regularly contributes to the Laguna Beach Homes blog to provide readers with do-it-yourself decorating ideas.

Here are her latest tips:

1. “Decide your colors for the room by knowing you need three colors for the project.

2. Choose paint chips from your local paint supplier, by choosing three compatible colors.

3. Then choose different tones and shades of these three colors.

4. Return home with these paint chip samples and look at all colors in the light of the room you are decorating. Light changes how these colors will appear in the actual environment.

5. Never make a final decision on a paint color while at the paint retailer – test it in your home first.

6. Once you have chosen your three colors or shades, use these paint chips to choose the fabrics, rugs, flooring and furniture. Always refer to your final paint chips to be sure all decorating decisions are made based on the paint chips. Use the paint chips as your base of information.

7. When making a new design decision for the room, always check to be sure that the new decision will blend with the balance of items already chosen for the room; i.e. a new fabric is brought into the room—check this fabric against all other elements of the room before making the final decision.

8. Invest in a color wheel to help you understand the dynamics of colors, shades and tones and the relationship of colors.”

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