Survey Finds Sidelined Homebuyers Are Preparing to Enter the Market

Although both new and existing home sales were down in May, it’s not all bad news. According to a new survey by, more Americans are positioning themselves to purchase a home in the near future.

The survey found that some families are opting to rent while they research for deals to purchase a more desirable home in their area. There’s no surefire way to determine when these sidelined homebuyers will enter the market, but the survey results were encouraging.

Of the 60 percent of individuals moving into rentals, 24 percent were previous homeowners renting temporarily while they look for a new home to purchase. Underscoring this finding is that for many of these families, foreclosure was not the reason for moving. In fact, the number of consumers who moved due to foreclosure dropped by 70 percent compared to’s February 2010 survey.

“While the housing market continues to flux from month to month, we’re seeing strong, continued interest as consumers looking to move start their research with us,” said Sharon Ashser, chairman and founder of New York-based “These findings suggest that more Americans may be poised to re-enter the housing market this year.”

While it seems that financial and economic issues still continue to exert an effect on U.S. moving behaviors, the survey found signs …

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