Ocean Blvd Will Not Have Added Parking or Extended Sidewalk

The sidewalk ending on Ocean Boulevard at Dahlia Avenue will not be extended, at least not right now. Nor will parking be added on the street near Carnation Avenue. Read more on my Channel Reef site: www.ChannelReef.com.

Update on Ocean Blvd. Improvement Plans

Plans regarding replacing Ocean Boulevard’s concrete roadway and upgrading the landscaping were presented at the Corona del Mar Residents Association meeting November 20. “The first phase of the project is funded and approved and could begin in January and will remove and reconstruct the concrete pavement along Ocean Boulevard from Goldenrod to Marguerite avenues, and …

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Repavement of Ocean Blvd, Corona del Mar

The news source Corona del Mar Today reported November 14 that the re-pavement and landscaping of Ocean Boulevard and Marguerite Avenue is on the agenda of the next Corona del Mar Residents Association board meeting on November 20. The concrete pavement, sidewalks, curbs and gutters on both streets are to be removed and re-poured. New …

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Living in Newport Beach: AERIE Project — Update #2

AERIE Project in Corona del Mar, CA I stopped by the AERIE project in CdM and have update #2 for you! The AERIE project here in Newport Beach’s neighborhood of Corona del Mar is being worked on! The beginning stages of construction were taking place when I stopped by for an update earlier this week. …

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