Create a Pet-Friendly Home

Make pet-friendly landscaping, design and material choices A pet-friendly home is not just a fun and safe space for your pet, but also a space that can stand up to…the kinds of things pets do to houses. Making pet-friendly choices in landscaping, design, and the materials you use will ensure that both you and your …

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Homeownership affects your children

Not sure whether to buy or continue renting? Perhaps this infographic from the California Association of Realtors at will influence your decision; according to them, owing a home benefits your family–in particular your children–in the following ways: Higher reading scores Higher math scores Higher rate of high school graduates Higher rate of college graduates

Social benefits of homeownership

How being a home owner benefits your life Owning a home is more than just making a financial investment — it’s also about investing in your family’s social benefits. The infographic below from sums it up well; being a homeowner provides: Educational success — statistically children of homeowners have higher achievement in reading and …

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A Year-Round Guide for Home Maintenance

Homeowners know the satisfying, deep pleasure of a house that’s in good order—a house where appliances are working, the paint is not chipped, and that dust under the refrigerator is gone (at least temporarily). A regular home maintenance program will keep your house fresh and clean, help prevent expensive repairs and ensure your house is …

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