Newport’s hotels in the 1900’s

When the McFadden’s built the Newport Railroad, the beach became a popular and more accessible vacation spot for those living inland.  And with the increase in beach visitors, there came an increase in the number of hotels in the area.  The following is from Jeff Delaney’s book Newport Beach: The building of the railroad greatly …

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Interstate Travel Guide

On the online Interstate Travel Guide, you’ll find the most complete travel information about interstate highways, including: traffic reports, road conditions, weather, construction reports, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, rest areas, exits, and points of interest.  This website is certainly quite informative with all that it includes, and would extremely useful to browse before taking a …

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Yacht Clubs in Newport Beach Area

With their convenient proximity to the ocean, both Newport Beach and Corona del Mar are ideal locations for yacht clubs, something that obviously those clubs agree with, since there are several in the area. A list of the many yacht clubs and their contact information follows below.

• Newport Beach Yacht Club
• Balboa Yacht Club
• Lido Isle Yacht Club
• Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club
• Newport Harbor Yacht Club
• American Legion Yacht Club
• South Shore Yacht Club
• Balboa Bay Club & Resort