When Hiring a Contractor

Do you need something repaired or done around your home? Rather than hiring just anyone, do your research to help avoid problems! Here’s some tips to get the best work done! Shop around — getting multiple bids from contractors and handymen is the best way to get a fair price Depending on the job, hire …

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Social Benefits of Homeownership – Infographic

Owning a home has many perks — but one of the top reasons why homeownership is beneficial is for its social benefits. How does owning real estate help in this way? CAR.org has a great infographic on the reasons: It affects your children positively: homeowner’s children often do better in math and reading, have fewer …

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Homeownership affects your children

Not sure whether to buy or continue renting? Perhaps this infographic from the California Association of Realtors at CAR.org will influence your decision; according to them, owing a home benefits your family–in particular your children–in the following ways: Higher reading scores Higher math scores Higher rate of high school graduates Higher rate of college graduates

10 Tips for Saving Water in Your Home

You’ll likely be surprised to learn how much water the average family of four uses every single day in their home: 255 gallons! The estimates are: 15 gallons for dishwashing; 12 for cooking and drinking; 5 for basic hand washing; 35 for laundry; 80 for bathing; 8 at the bathroom sink for tooth brushing, face-washing, …

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