The Newport Beach pier before 1910

In 1887, the McFaddens contracted Major Marner to construct the Newport pier.  It was completed the following year.  Initially its piles penetrated the ocean floor only eight feet.  In 1892, a tremendous storm almost wrecked the structure.  The pier, rebuilt in two-months time, had a pile penetration of 15 feet.

Shipping, Newport Beach, c. 1892

In 1892, when 600 feet of the pier was washed out by a storm, three Santa Fe flat cars, similar to those pictured here, went overboard.  Two of the cars came ashore rather quickly.  The third washed ashore on April 15, 1915–a quarter of a century later.

The Pier, Newport Beach, c. 1905

The wharf was 1,200 feet long, 60 feet wide at its outer end, and 19 feet above the water at high tide.

Newport Beach, c. 1906

All photos and historical information is from Jeff Delaney’s book Newport Beach.  To read more on the history of Newport Beach, please browse my “Local History” category on my blog.

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