Useful websites

Here are some useful websites just for the fun of it:

Landscape Design Site

This is a great site for putterers and green thumbs alike.  There’s plants, bulbs, trees, how-tos, tools, articles, plans, ideas, and products.

Home Safety Guide

As our homes are where we want to feel the safest, we must protect it and those inside.  Accidents can happen in the home, though–that’s why its important to take precautions and safety-proof rooms.

Critter Control

These are the experts in animal control.  Their Certified Wildlife Specialists focus on ecologically sound and humane animal control solutions for homeowners, property managers, business and government.

Lifetime of Reading

More than one million books available for free downloading or reading online are listed here.

Sports Smarts

Look up statistics on players, game results, awards and other information.

Title Insurance

Filled with information and links to services designed to fill your real estate needs.  Searchable new home listings, Realtor listings, investment, commercial, and builder information.

This information is from California Title Company.

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