Visitors to Newport Beach in the 1910’s

Here’s some more fun beach shots from the 1910’s!  All of these photos and descriptions are by Jeff Delaney, and were taken from his book, Newport Beach.

Winter bathing in 1910

Midwinter bathing scene, Balboa, c. 1910

There were no lifeguards in the early days, but a lifeline through the breakers offered security to bathers, many of whom could not swim.

Picture of people seine fishing

"Drawing the Seine," Newport Beach, c. 1913

Seine fishing, a popular tourist attraction, involved horses drawing smelt-filled nets onto the shore.

Bathers in the water at Balboa, c. 1915

Bathing along the bay front, Balboa, c. 1915

Visitors to this popular spot could hire a launch to take them around the bay or to Rocky Point in Corona del Mar.

Row of bayside homes in Balboa, c. 1918

Bayside homes, Balboa, c. 1918

For a nominal fee, tent cottages were available for rent right on the bay.

If you enjoy looking at the past, you can easily browse my “Local History” section for more on Newport Beach’s history.
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